Lake Trout Fishing on Remote Gordon Lake

Canyon Lake was rated as a Lake Trout resource many years ago. A small diversion dam was built for hydro between the Indian Chain and Canyon Lake that ruined the spawning area. There are a few trout in Canyon Lake, but not enough to target. We have a good resource on Gordon Lake for trout and use our portage boat to gain access. Gordon is very clear, with visibility up to 20 feet. This lake is also very deep, with water exceeding 200 feet in depth.

Lake Trout love cold water, so their preferred temperature is 48-52 degrees Fahrenheit. From the first ice thaw, through days when the temperature starts to hit 80 degrees, the Trout will be shallow. Once the heat of summer sets in the Trout go deep, so a good graph is a necessary tool in locating them and keeping on them.

In late September our Trout move up into the shallows for spawning. The season closes the last day of September to protect their spawn.

Please Note: We do not keep boats on Gorden Lake anymore. We furnish a 14ft Naden with a 15hp yamaha for those who would like to have the opportunity to fish for Lake Trout. You will need a tow hitch on your vehicle. You are also welcome to bring a canoe.

John's Lure Selections:

In the spring you will find that a jig dressed with plastic will produce good numbers of Trout. Stay in 30 ft depths with the boat and cast towards the rocky shorelines, letting the jig drop down (ca. 20 ft depths). Your retrieve should be erratic, changing speeds and letting the jig drop at times. The Lake Trout is one of the most aggressive species in Northwest Ontario.

During the summer months trolling is the most effective method. A small Trout spoon that mimics a Lake Herring is a good choice. It will require plenty of chain weights or even a down rigger to keep your offering at the desired depth. Remember that they are aggressive; speed is your friend, and the only way to have speed in trolling is to have the proper weight system.

My favorite time is the fall, when they come up to spawn. We have caught them on everything from Mepps spinners to little Cleo spoons. Some clients do well on crank baits and even rattle traps. Use speed and cast over rocky or rubble areas to catching Lake Trout.

Lake Trout Tips:

After the ice thaws out in early spring, the Trout are in shallow water and are easily caught. Most of our Trout are caught in less than 15 ft. of depth. Trolling a Canadian spinner with a Minnow is always good, and crank baits and spoons work well, too. After the weather warms, the Trout go deep as they prefer cooler temps. Lead core line helps get down to where the big Trout live; the reason is because the more you keep in the zone and the faster you can troll, the bigger the Trout get. Of course, if you bring up your own boat and down riggers, you are already set. Never troll in a straight line. Always zigzag, speed up and slow down, and change your lure presentation. Most folks think that Muskie are the most aggressive fish, but Lake Trout are by far the most aggressive and need a trigger mechanism (your presentation) to entice the strike. Our Lake Trout will spawn in the fall, so the season closes the last day of September. If you want to have some fun, come up during the last couple weeks of the season and cast the rocky shorelines for the aggressive males.

Summer Lake Trout tips for back-trolling deep with light equipment (off site)

Summer Lake Trout tips for canoe-trolling deep with light equipment (off site)