Fish Size & Canyon Lake Fishing Tips


Average size of Walleye is less than 18 inches long. We have caught Walleye up to 13 pounds, but the largest Walleye I have seen was 37 inches long and caught by a guide many years ago. You always have a chance at a trophy Walleye!


Most Muskie are less than 40 inches long, but I have had clients catch Muskie over 50 inches long and have seen pictures of larger fish. Clients have seen fish pushing 40-50 pounds, and I have had the misfortune of losing one of those myself.

Smallmouth Bass:

I used to think that the average-sized Smallmouth was 1 lb, but the last two years have shown that isn't necessarily true. We have enjoyed 14-16 inch Smallmouth the past two seasons, and the largest we have caught is 6 pounds.


These average 23-24 inches long, while weighing in at 4 pounds each. The largest Whitefish I have seen is 9 pounds.

Northern Pike:

Most Pike in our area that aren't release are 24-26 inches long, but we have caught them up to 40 inches long and the pike in Canyon Lake keep getting bigger.

Lake Trout:

The average size Trout is 2-3 pounds; however, last season we caught some up to 12 pounds.

John's Helpful Tips:

Here are some suggestions that may be helpful, especially for those preparing to enjoy their first Canadian fishing trip.

1. You will catch more fish on light line and light jigs than with heavy line and heavy jigs. I would suggest the following pound tests as ample:

• 8 lb test for Walleye and Smallmouth Bass
• 12 lb test for most Northern Pike
• 10 lb test for Lake Trout and Whitefish.
I used 20 pound test for many years for Muskie, so keeping your line diameter at a minimum will help put fish in the boat and build some good memories of your adventure up north.

2. I fish the lake almost every day and am more than willing to take you out and get you started. The truth of any body of water is that the fish you are looking for inhabit only 10% of the lake and the other 90% of the lake just looks good. I am always ready to share my spots and help you have success!

3. There is technique required for each species that you pursue. I am more than willing to help you with any knowledge that I have acquired in the past 19 years fishing Canyon Lake.

4. I take your commitment to Canyon Lake and McIntosh Lodge very seriously. Our motto is that we will do our very best to put you on fish and that is what we attempt. So let me say "thank you" in advance for trusting us to give you a holiday vacation that is satisfying.