Fishing Testimonials

Dear John and Becky,

My son, Sam and I, have many fond memories of Canyon Lake and can't wait to make more. We have been back multiple times and appreciate your hospitality. We have had a wonderful experience on Canyon Lake and on a number of the portage lakes. John's guide tips are always helpful in catching a wide number of species in a variety of beautiful scenic locations. The accommodations and boats are first rate and the camp is spectacular! Thanks for everything and we look forward to seeing you again.

Don and Sam Maschka

If you are looking for a nice place and friendly owners; McIntosh Lodge is the place to be. Becky and John are great owners and the Lodge is clean and well maintained John knows where to fish on Canyon Lake and is always there to help you find the fish. We have a group of 8 people spend a week with them and never have been disappointed with the accommodations or the fishing. We have spent the last 6 years at McIntosh Lodge

Chicago Ill

How does someone write a short testimonial about a camp that could have a book written about it with the unforgettable memories it has left with so many people and the stories they pass on to others about their experiences with McIntosh Lodge.

McIntosh Lodge is truly a small family run lodge, exactly like you would want and expect for a Canadian vacation, excellent knowledge and no friendlier service can be found anywhere. It's no wonder people continue returning to this resort, the friendships they have built seem to last forever.

John might think he's a dinosaur but to some people, there is nothing more enjoyable and relaxing than getting rid of the electronics that everyone is addicted too and sitting down with John for some good old fashioned conversational education on a day where the weather may not be favorable for fishing.

Speaking of fishing, John always brags on how good the Walleye, smallies and muskie fishing is on Canyon Lake. Let me tell you, he's not bragging, he's telling the truth! I don't consider myself an expert fisherman, but year after year, no matter what I fish for, I catch them and also have seem some very large fish. So not only would you classify Canyon Lake a "numbers" lake but it should also be stated that there are Trophy Size fish as well.

Like I said, how does someone write a comment about a place in just a few words where the memories and stories are never ending. It's sad that I could not make it this year, and especially so because as I write this I know that normally this is the exact week that I stay McIntosh Lodge on Canyon Lake. It's like a visit to the doctor or your pastor or your psychiatrist or your health club, you always feel refreshed afterwards. John and Becky are the best at making people feel good and welcomed.

If anyone ever ask me where to go fishing in Canada, I tell them "McIntosh Lodge on Canyon Lake". But don't expect me to stop there because there are so many good things to say about the camp that others should experience for themselves.

Terry Kleiman