What to Bring for your Fishing Trip

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List of Items:

• Passport or U.S. Passport Card (Not needed if 15 years of age or younger and crossing the border by land)
• Bath towel and washcloth
• Clothing for any temperature (hot or cold)
• First Aid kit
• Coastguard approved lifejackets (Seat cushions do not qualify)
• Gloves for early spring or late fall
• Rain gear & waterproof footwear
• Fishing gear and tackle
• Big Muskie nets (we supply smaller nets and minnow buckets)
• Weigh Scale and fillet knife
• Food and beverages (can also be purchased in Vermilion Bay or Dryden)
• Toiletries
• Personal medications
• Sunscreen and lip balm (15 SPF or better)
• Flashlight (Waterproof is best)
• Sunglasses & hat
• Camera and film (please email full size copies of catch and release big fish)
• Paper products, such as paper towels and napkins
• Bug repellent (10% DEET or better) & bug coils
• GPS or compass, if desired
• Lighter or matches
• Spare set of vehicle & boat keys
• 2-stroke motor oil if you bring your own boat and have a 2-stroke

Required Boat Safety Gear:

There is a good chance you will be stopped for a boat safety check, so if you bring your own boat, Ontario water safety regulations require it be equipped with the following items.:

• Anchor and rope
• Paddles
• Bailing tin
• Non-projectile signaling device such as an air-horn or whistle
• Coastguard approved lifejackets (not seat cushions)
• Waterproof flashlight with good batteries in the flashlight
• A 30-foot rope with a floatation device attached to the end for rescue situations

Pleasure Craft Operator Card:

Non-residents do not need a Boat Operators Card unless they are in Ontario for more than 45 days.

As of Sept. 15, 2009, all Ontario resident powerboat operators must obtain a Pleasure Craft Operator Card. Currently, a Pleasure Craft Operator Card is not required in order to operate a rented watercraft. Instead, it is sufficient for a renter to complete a rental safety checklist.